My name is Beth and I have mental health problems. Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Bipolar Affective Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder  – diagnosed in alphabetical order which pleases me somewhat.

I have been hospitalised 5 times in 2 different hospitals. I have been sectioned under section 5(2) once and section 3 of the Mental Health Act (1983) twice. I guess you could say I’m lucky because none of my admissions have exceeded more than a little over a month.

There’s more to me than my mental health though. In January, I was accepted onto a degree course to train to be a mental health nurse which, fingers crossed, I will be starting in September.

This blog is to document my journey from a mental health patient to a mental health nurse.  There’ll be ups and downs throughout my journey and I want to take you with me through the highs and lows and everything in between. From my own mental health, to placements to coursework to (hopefully) finally qualifying and being an autonomous nurse. Hope you enjoy the ride.

2 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. Hi Beth. I have a question that I’ve always kinda wondered about. When you try to commit suicide, why is it always in public places, at a friends house, or you do it then straight away tell people. Like if i was going to commit suicide I would…well i won’t say what I would do as I don’t want to give you any thoughts or ideas, but I certainly wouldn’t be doing it around people or calling for help as I was doing it or had just done it.

    I hope you’re not offended by this question, I jist genuinely am curious x

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    1. I must say this question had me stumped as it’s not something I’ve really ever thought about. I do it at my friends houses or in public places because when I do it at home, my parents find out and it turns into an argument and they get annoyed with me about having to call an ambulance at midnight on a work night. There have been attempts where I’ve told no one at the time and I haven’t got help for them or been admitted to hospital because no one knew about it. I used to be very reserved about my mental health and how I’m feeling. I would lie about everything just to make it seem like I’m ok to get people off my back. I’m trying to teach myself to be more open and honest and I guess by doing that it has made me tell people that I’m suicidal, I’ve just done something in an attempt to end my life and even though I don’t mind if I die, if you can help me get better and give me a reason to live then I’m ok with that too.


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