Thank you

I have been through a lot with my mental health. It hasn’t been easy but there are certain people who have really made a difference and for that I want to say thank you.

Thank you to my CPN and psychiatirst. I know I can be difficult and stubborn at times. I know I have a tendancy to refuse help and ask to be discharged every time I see you, but you’ve both stuck by me and dealt with me in a way that’s actually helped. I know I’ve kicked off at times and been awkward but you’ve always done what’s best for me. I might have hated you when you threatened to section me if I didn’t go to hospital informally, but I know you had my best interests at heart.

Thank you to the runner who stopped me from jumping in front a train 3 years ago. If you hadn’t have stopped and spoke to me and walked me away from the train tracks, I might not be here today. It’s random acts of kindness like yours that can save lives.

Thank you to my friends at BMOS. Your ongoing love and support is what helps me get through the dark times. Seeing you lot puts me in a better mood and I just want to thank you all for being so understanding.

Finally, thank you to my amazing family, especially my mom, for always sticking by me. I’m sorry that I don’t always tell you everything or lie about how I’m feeling, but I am getting better at it. Thank you for coming to visit me every day when I’ve been in hospital, even when you’ve been at work all day. It means a lot.

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