What medication am I on?

Is it just me who gets really nosey about what medication other people are on? This is going to be a post on my mental health medication. I’m only on one other medication for physical health so I don’t really see the point in putting it in.

Depixol (Flupentixol Decanoate)

I’ve been on this for just over a year now as my antipsychotic. It is a depot injection and I am on 50mg/ml every 3 weeks, which is a pretty low dose. I’ve been on a higher dose in the past but I found it just numbed and sedated me. It helps with psychosis but I don’t really find it helps with my mood, other than it stops me going manic.


I was put on this in July at the start of my most recent hospital admission, as I haven’t been on a mood stabiliser for a couple of years. I take 25mg tablets, twice a day. I haven’t seen any benefit yet and I hate taking tablets, hence why I’m on a depot. I was told when I got discharged to stay on them for a few months to see if they do anything.


I absolutely hate zopiclone because it always leaves a horrible metalic taste for a few days after. This is the same type of tablet as zopiclone but it doesn’t leave the taste. I am on 10mg a night, which is the highest dosage. I’m only meant to take it for short periods of time, but I was on it for the majority of the 7 weeks I was in hospital. I haven’t taken them since I got discharged 2 weeks ago but I need to start taking them again tonight as I’m finding it hard to get to sleep.


This is a benzodiazepine and is only to be take as PRN (as and when needed). I am on 1mg a day. It helps calm me down for a short period of time. Only problem is, it can make coping with things harder in the long run and it’s addictive so I have to make sure I only take it if I really need it.


This is another PRN medication of mine. It’s an antihistamine but also has sedative and slight antipsychotic effects. I’m on up to 50mg when I need it and I don’t really find it that helpful but it’s what they kept giving me as PRN in hospital because they didn’t want me to become addicted to lorazepam.

Some of this will probably change next week when I see my psychiatrist but I’ll do an update if it does.

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