When I got discharged from hospital in October, I got a copy of my discharge summary and Autistic Spectrum Disorder wasn’t on there like it normally is. I had an appointment with my community psychiatrist on Thursday, (because I’m under Early Intervention, I have a different psychiatrist in the community as well as one when I’m on hospital, although when I get transferred teams soon I’ll only have my hospital one). I asked him why autism wasn’t on there and he told me that although I have traits, it’s not enough to warrant a diagnosis.

I got diagnosed with autism 7 years ago, when I was 17. I’m slightly confused as to why it’s been taken off now. It was still on there when I got discharged from an admission in September and I got diagnosed with BPD in August last year so it hasn’t been replaced with that.

I’m not sure how I feel about having the diagnosis taken off me. When I first got diagnosed, it explained so much about why I acted in certain ways as a child. Were CAMHS wrong in their diagnosis or are my psychiatrists wrong about it now? I guess we’ll never know…


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