25 facts about me

Not sure how interesting this is gonna be and it has nothing to do with mental health but here’s 25 random facts about me. 

  1. I play the piano and did grade 8 when I was 17
  2. I am a smoker and smoke roll ups. Can’t see myself stopping any time soon
  3. I used to be a receptionist in a doctors surgery. We’re not all bad
  4. I can’t drive. I had 2 years of lessons, 2 different instructors and failed 2 tests
  5. I’m 5’8″, although up until recently I was convinced I was 5’7″
  6. I had dance lessons from the age of 2 til I was 20
  7. I love musical theatre and have performed in countless musicals and in a professional theatre several times
  8. When I was little, I wanted to be a spider so I didn’t have to have my toe nails cut
  9. I have 3 tattoos
  10. My lucky number is 21
  11. My favourite colour is orange
  12. I have a sister who is 2 years and 49 weeks younger than me (and she won’t let me round up to 3 years)
  13. I am an Android girl, specifically Samsung, although I do have an iMac
  14. I don’t believe in God and I’m completely against organised religion
  15. I have a dog called Cookie and I was completely against us getting a dog until we had her
  16. I’m not an animal person and hate watching TV programmes about animals or nature
  17. Other than a few episodes that have been on when my sister’s been watching it, I have never watched Friends
  18. I don’t like milk, mint or mushrooms
  19. I have never broken or fractured a bone and touch wood, never will
  20. I have poly cystic ovaries 
  21.  I applied to be head girl at school. I had to give a speech in front of the whole year and have an interview with the head of sixth form. I was told that if it was based on the speech alone, I would’ve got it but because of how anxious I was in the interview, I didn’t
  22. I am 24, a June baby and I always think I’m a year older than I am
  23. I’m really good at remembering birthdays
  24. My favourite food is curry and when I was in hospital, I had the halal curry every day
  25. I was supposed to have braces and an operation to correct my open bite and the gap between my front two teeth but got as far as having the mold for the braces done and didn’t go through with it

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