It’s been a while

So I haven’t posted anything for 4 months. I’ve been a bit up and down and I’ve been super busy trying to get my life together but I’m back.

There’s been quite a few changes going on in the past few months so I’ll just list them below:

  • I was in hospital in January for the 9th time but it was only for 2 days
  • My CPN has been off sick since December so I’ve had to have a new one
  • I’m currently being moved from the Early Intervention in Psychosis team to the Complex Recovery Service so I’m changing CPNs again
  • I moved into supported accommodation in January
  • I’ve had my medication changed
  • I’ve started volunteering
  • I’ve chopped all my hair off

I’m not the best with change so all of this in the space of a few months has been a bit overwhelming.

I’ll try and update my blog a bit more often. I’ve got some ideas of what to write about so keep your eyes peeled.

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