Let’s talk about meds, baby

I’m not happy with my current meds situation.

I’m currently on 50mg of lamotrigine in the morning and 75mg at night. This is not the issue. My issue is the fact that after just over 3 years, I’m still on a depot for my antipsychotic.

I was originally put on a depot in February 2016 due to poor compliance. This was the only medication I was on. I now live in supported accommodation where support workers give me my meds twice a day and they are kept under lock and key. I’ve also been on lamotrigine for nearly a year (I think) and I’ve always been compliant with it, sometimes even reminding my mom to give it me when I used to live at home.

I now don’t see the point of being on a depot. I have it every 2 weeks and now I’ve been transferred from Early Intervention to the Complex Recovery Team, I have to go to a depot clinic instead of having it at home.

I’m not seeing my psychiatrist now until July. Gone are the days where I could just ask my CPN if I could see him the week after. I am seeing my hospital psychiatrist full time now and he has a lot more patients and a lot less time to see people than my old one did.

I’m sick of being jabbed in the ass every 2 weeks and there’s nothing I can do about it at the moment. Guess I’ll just have to wait till July…

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