My experience with Early Intervention

I was under the Early Intervention in Psychosis team for just under 4 years and was transferred teams in February.

I was referred to the service in January 2015 and had my first appointment in May 2015. The initial assessment was with 2 CPNs (one of which was my first CPN) and from then I was taken on as a service user and assigned a CPN and a psychiatrist.

I had 3 CPNs throughout my time with Early Intervention. My first one went on maternity leave after about a year of me seeing her. My second was an absolute babe and I absolutely loved her. She was always there for me, we had a bit of banter and she would come and see me at short notice and would talk to me for as long as I needed. Unfortunately, she had a bereavement just before Christmas last year and as far as I know, hasn’t been back to work since. My third CPN only saw me for a few months and we didn’t really have time to build a rapport. Unlike my previous CPNs who saw me every week, she only saw me every 2 weeks when my depot was due and even then, we didn’t really talk much.

My psychiatrist and I had a love hate relationship. Sometimes I thought he was the best thing since sliced bread and other times I wanted to kill him. We were as stubborn as each other and would often have long arguments about whether or not certain medications or going into hospital was the best thing for me. The last time I spoke to him, we didn’t agree on something so that put a bit of a downer on my opinion of him.

On the whole I had a positive experience with this team. I really wish I’d have had my second CPN till the end. I did send her a text on her work phone when I got transferred but since she might have left her job, I don’t know if she ever received it.

I’m now under the complex recovery team in Walsall and will share my experience with them when I get discharged/move teams again.

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