Psychiatrist Appointment: Update

I saw my psychiatrist last week and it went really well.

I had 4 questions:

  1. Can I change to a 2nd generation antipsychotic?
  2. Can I come off my depot?
  3. Do I definitely have bipolar?
  4. Can I have my provisional licence back?

In terms of medication, I have switched from my Depixol depot and go onto Lurasidone tablets. I wanted to go on a second gen antipsychotic because of the side effects I’ve been getting since I was put on Haloperidol for a month.

I’m so glad I’m coming off my depot and only have to have 2 more. I’ve been having a depot for 3 years now and was only put on it because I wasn’t taking my meds but now I am there’s no need for me to be on a depot.

In terms of my diagnoses, I still have BPD/EUPD but my psychiatrist is gonna reassess my bipolar diagnosis because I think it could be schizoaffective disorder instead due to hearing voices for the last 4 months without having a major mood episode.

And finally, I’M GETTING MY PROVISIONAL BACK! I really want to pass my driving test, especially since my theory runs out in March.

I left the appointment feeling like I’d been listened to, which is a rare thing when it comes to seeing a psychiatrist, at least for me. I’m looking forward to having driving lessons and not having to have a depot anymore so I don’t have to go to a depot clinic every 2 weeks.

Here’s to the future!

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